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GC High Handicap Ladder Competition

The GC High Handicap Ladder Competition is running again,

from 1st September to the end of November.


 A competition especially for the 7 to 12 handicaps. You’ll find out how a singles competition works, gain practice in filling in your handicap card (speak to Alan Theobald if you haven’t a card yet), and learn how to use those really useful extra shots. (Not sure how? Come along to Janet’s Coaching Session on Use of Extra Shots on Thursday 21 August at 1200).

The Competition will be run in accordance with CA Rules. Handicap cards MUST be produced before the game and filled in afterwards. Marker pegs MUST be used.

The T Cards of both players with your names on MUST be moved on the Ladder on the noticeboard after your game (if a challenge is won). You MUST write down on the sheet on the noticeboard the date of your challenge (game) and the final score.


The idea is:

Challenge the person above you on the ladder (if you win you swap places (move your T-card up one slot), if you lose you stay where you are).

Arrange your game on a mutually convenient date - no pressure!

Ladder Trophy for the winner!

Full Rules will be placed on the noticeboard at the side of The Ladder, so you can check anything you are unsure of.

Michelle Damon will be organizing and running the Competition.

You can sign up for this competition NOW by placing your name and handicap on the list on the Clubhouse Noticeboard.

Final date for entries – 21 August !!


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