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End of Season Dinner - by Liz 28/08/2015 @ 08:32

SCCC End of Season Dinner


Annual Prizegiving

Friday 9th October 2015

7pm for 7.30pm


Broccoli and Stilton Soup


Individual Smoked Salmon Terrines


Coq Au Vin

Pommes Boulangerie

Seasonal Vegetables


Vegetable Biryani


Spicy Pear & Apple Crumble

Hazelnut & Apricot Meringue Pie

Banoffee Cheesecake

Chocolate Roulade

All for £12.50

To book your place please sign up on the club noticeboard or email/ leave phone message with Chrissy Isaacs giving your order for starter & main course.

14 pt handicap tournament 7-9th August 2015 - by Chris 28/08/2015 @ 08:06

Here are the results of the 14pt AC handicap tournament held on 7 - 9th August 2015.


Annual Tournament Results - by John_Low 17/08/2015 @ 21:19

Two pleasant days of association croquet enjoyed at Southwick by a small band of 10 players!  The tournament should have been 3 classes but it was reduced to a single Swiss format event for the B class trophy (Scott Cup)

Five rounds were played which resulted in three players, David Boyd, Philip Windred and John Taylor,  ending on four wins each, two not having played each other.

The Manager would have liked to have declared all three winners (and said so) but having only one cup and having already indicated that quality of wins would be used, awarded the cup to John Taylor. 

Everyone won at least one game and all went home (I hope) contented!


(David Boyd, John Taylor & Philip Windred - photo Liz Farrow)

Full results

09:30 JohnM Taylor +9 Brian Havill
Philip Windred +23 David Gaitley
David Mumford +9 Phil Dunk
Liz Farrow +10 Daphne Gaitley
David Boyd +5 Bill Arliss
13:00 JohnM Taylor +5 Philip Windred
Phil Dunk +14 Liz Farrow
Bill Arliss Brian Havill
David Gaitley David Mumford
Daphne Gaitley +10 David Boyd
16:00 JohnM Taylor +15 Liz Farrow
Philip Windred +13 Phil Dunk
Bill Arliss +21 David Mumford
Brian Havill +11 David Boyd
David Gaitley +6 Daphne Gaitley
09:00 JohnM Taylor +23 David Mumford
Liz Farrow +2 Philip Windred
David Boyd +3 Phil Dunk
Bill Arliss +15 Daphne Gaitley
Brian Havill +6 David Gaitley
13:00 JohnM Taylor +6 David Boyd
Philip Windred +13 David Mumford
Liz Farrow +6 Bill Arliss
Phil Dunk +8 David Gaitley
Daphne Gaitley +10 Brian Havill

Dates for Members' Diaries - by John_Low 31/07/2015 @ 08:14


Victoria Road, Southwick, BN42 4DJ

Tele: 01273 591874

Need for Change

How can you get more out of the club?

How do we move our club forward into the future?

We have vital points that need to be considered.

We need your ideas.

Initially, we have two consultation meetings for Members arranged

Thursday 6th August at 4pm

Wednesday 12th August at 6pm

Free hot dogs and tea/coffee.

The bar will be open!

This is very important for all members, whether you are a social player, club player or tournament player.

It is the start of the consultation and we want your views.

Following the meetings the committee will summarize and circulate the ideas, then look at development and implementation.

Please book the date in your diary and come to one of the meetings

AC 1 Day Challenge - by John_Low 22/06/2015 @ 08:25

Photo shows the players in this event on 7th June.  The winner (with the bottle) was Chris Coull


SCCC B level Southern Challenges 2015 - by Jonathan_Isaacs 01/06/2015 @ 21:33

Results of SCCC B level Southern Challenges 2015

  1. B level GC Southern Challenge

1. Keith Southern Swanage 9 wins
2. Chris Heath Guildford 8 wins
3. Ian Shore High Wycombe 7 wins
4. Roger Goldring Phyllis Court 7 wins
5. Roger Sutton SCCC 6 wins
6. Reg Soffe SCCC 6 wins
7. Stella Russell SCCC 6 wins
8. Jane Collier Colchester 5 wins
9. Paul Gunn Wingrave 4 wins
10. Chris Rolph SCCC 4 wins
11. Andrea Huxley Guildford 2 wins
12. Jay Dyer Dyfrn 2 wins

The tournament was played in a block over 11 x 19 point games and was a qualifier for the National GC B level final later this year.

In spite of a blip towards the end Keith Southern held onto his lead eventually winning with 9 games.

Roger Sutton played well winning 6 of his 11 games & Reg Soffe is to be congratulated on a very impressive performance in his first B level event.

  1. B Level AC Southern Challenge

1. David Boyd Rother Valley 5 wins
2. Daphne Gaitley SCCC 4 wins
3. Phil Dunk SCCC 3 wins
4. Philip Windred Letchworth 3 wins
5. Mike Salisbury Bristol 3 wins
6. Adrian Morris Kenilworth 3 wins
7. David Gaitley SCCC 3 wins
8. Andrew Webb Pendle 3 wins
9. Roger Mills Sidmouth 2 wins
10. Neil Coote Reigate 2 wins
11. Sarah Melvin Dyfren 2 wins
12. John Gosney SCCC 1 wins
13. Ray Hall SCCC 1 wins
14. David Cook SCCC 1 wins

The AC format had to be changed shortly before the event due to a cancellation & Mark Hamilton kindly offered to step down so that we had even numbers enabling a Swiss format tournament played over 5 x 3 hour games.

David Boyd of Rother Valley played strongly all weekend and won all his games. SCCC’s Daphne Gaitley played extremely well and won all her games except the one against David Boyd.

Myra Gosney RIP - by John_Low 30/05/2015 @ 22:21

Myra Gosney, long-time member of the Club has died.  Rest in Peace.


Myra was a regular and much-loved player in the Club.  She won a number of tournaments and trophies: the Hazel Parker Salver and Pat Shine Salvers in 1994 (the latter with Peter, her late husband), through to the New Challenge Cup in 2004. A feisty lady with an engaging sense of humour, Myra was a regular player in SE Federation events and the Ladies Day competition in particular.

Southwick Advanced weekend 11th/12th April - by Chris 13/04/2015 @ 19:08

The event was won by Jose Riva who beat Jack Wicks in the final  +1,-26tp,+9tp

Full results below.


(Jose Riva pegging out photo by Ray Hall)


(Runner up Wicks and Winner Riva. Photo Ray Hall)

Full results

Main competition ( seeded knockout)

Jamie Burch beat Daphne Gaitley +14
Mark Fawcett beat Sarah Melvin +24
Luc Berthouze beat Cliff Jones +12
Mark Avery beat Tudor Jenkins +21
Jose Riva beat Graham Pegley +17
David Cook beat David Mumford +1(t)
Gabrielle Higgins beat Peter Thompson +26tp
Neil Coote beat David Gaitley +7(t)
Jack Wicks beat Philip Dunk +25
Robert Alexander beat Chris O'Byrne +16
Jaimie Mussi beat Liz Farrow +22
Philip Eardley beat Mary Knapp +23
Jamie Burch beat Mark Fawcett +25
Jack Wicks beat Robert Alexander +13tpo
Jaimie Mussi beat Philip Eardley +4
Jose Riva beat David Cook +24
Gabrielle Higgins beat Neil Coote +26
Mark Avery beat Luc Berthouze +24tp
Jose Riva beat Gabrielle Higgins +26tp
Jack Wicks beat Jaimie Mussi +26tp


Jack Wicks beat Mark Avery +13tpo,-5tp,+23
Jose Riva beat Jamie Burch +7otp,-23tp,+26tp


Jose Riva beat Jack Wicks +1,-26tp,+9tp

Consolation event ( Hands Egyptian)

Peter Thompson beat Philip Dunk +10
Tudor Jenkins beat Sarah Melvin +19
Mary Knapp beat Chris O'Byrne +23
Liz Farrow beat Graham Pegley +4(t)
Daphne Gaitley beat mark Fawcett +3(t)
David Gaitley beat David Mumford +4(t)
Jamie Burch beat Robert Alexander +17
Chris O'Byrne beat Cliff Jones +4
Mary Knapp beat Tudor Jenkins +17
Sarah Melvin beat Phil Dunk +5
David Cook beat Neil Coote +11(t)
Luc Berthouze beat Peter Thompson +22
Mark Avery beat Philip Eardley +15tp
Gabrielle Higgins beat Robert Alexander +11
Luc Berthouze beat Tudor Jenkins +3(t)
Peter Thompson beat Liz Farrow +3(t)
Mark Fawcett beat Graham Pegley +25
Philip Eardley beat Sarah Melvin +17
Luc Berthouze beat David Cook +14
Peter Thompson beat Daphne Gaitley +15
Liz Farrow beat Neil Coote +11(t)
Cliff Jones beat Mary Knapp +7
Chris O'Byrne beat Phil Dunk +5
Mark Fawcett beat David Gaitley +25
David Mumford beat Graham Pegley +3(t)
Tudor Jenkins beat Robert Alexander +13
Gabrielle Higgins beat Phil Eardley +23tp
Sarah Melvin beat David Gaitley +7(t)
Mark Avery beat Mark Fawcett +17tp
Jamie Burch beat Luc Berthouze +25sxp
Mark Fawcett beat David Cook +25
Mary Knapp beat Daphne Gaitley +5(t)
Mark Avery beat Gabrielle Higgins +7tp
TudorJjenkins beat Peter Thompson +6
Philip Eardley beat Cliff Jones +26tp
Liz Farrow beat Chris O'Byrne +2
David Mumford beat Phil Dunk +13
Luc Berthouze beat Graham Pegley +17
Jamie Burch beat Neil Coote +26
Tudor Jenkins beat Graham pegley +8
Jamie Burch beat Neil Coote +20tp

Liz Farrow won the consolation event, runner up Chris O'Byrne

GC 10/10 15 March 2015 - by Luc 20/03/2015 @ 09:07

Twelve players competed in the GC 10/10 tournament Sunday 15 March. The tournament featured a close finish with two teams on 4 wins. Fiona Phillips and Tony Jolly won over David King and Graham Tucker on whom beat whom (2nd tie-breaker). Full results below. 

The tournament was managed by Fiona Phillips and Clive Grimley. 

Janet Hoptroff
Clive Grimley

Neil Humphreys
Jane Humphreys

David King
Graham Tucker

Ann Smith
Robyn Clark

Tony Trump
Mike Solomons

Fiona Phillips
Tony Jolly

Janet Hoptroff
Clive Grimley

6-7 4-5 7-2 7-2 7-3

Neil Humphreys
Jane Humphreys

7-6 5-7 7-4 7-4 4-7

David King
Graham Tucker

5-4 7-5 7-6 5-3 3-5

Ann Smith
Robyn Clark

2-7 4-7 6-7 2-7 6-7

Tony Trump
Mike Solomons

2-7 4-7 3-5 7-2 5-7

Fiona Phillips
Tony Jolly

3-7 7-4 5-3 7-6 7-5

SCCC lawn treatments - by Robin 12/03/2015 @ 09:44

Hello All,

Moss treatments being applied in the weather-window today (12 March) have been long planned, with the materials standing-by for the chance. 

These are part of several specialist disease and feed applications in the Out of Season programme.  Rigorous works with specialist machinery will also be undertaken in the schedule for March.

Bringing forward the A G M may have given an impression that restricted use of lawns ended.  We are looking forward to bringing more lawns into use, when the Season opens from 28th March.

Do check, first before play, the notice board in the Verandah building corridor and/or on the Lawns page of the website. 

Please remember that at all times, the peg and/or hoops are removed from a lawn when it is not to be used, for good reasons.  By replacing them and using a suspended lawn you may be treading where a hazardous treatment has been applied and, most likely, will cause someone considerable extra work, for example, in re-setting hoops prepared for a competition.  

If you would like to explore participating in Lawns operations, please register your interest with me (Robin Wootton), Richard Brooks (G C Captain), John Gosney, Jim Mortell, Janet Hoptroff, Clive Hayton, Liz Farrow, Clive Grimley, Graham Tucker, Deborah Marcus, Peter Pullen, Roger Sutton, Daphne Gaitley (A C Captain), Luc Berthouze or any longstanding member.  

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