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Woking wins Ladies Day - by Frances_Low 03/07/2014 @ 07:05

The presentation yesterday at Southwick when the Ladies Day trophy was won by the team from Woking.

Thanks to David Gaitley for the photo.



Summer Barbecue - by Clive_Hayton 19/06/2014 @ 19:12

SCCC Summer Barbeque

Saturday 19th July


Members, Players & Guests welcome




Prime Aberdeen Angus Beefburgers

(Onions, Cheddar Cheese Slice & Bacon)




Premium Sausages - specially selected


Freshly prepared salads




SCCC’s Special Desserts including

Strawberry Pavlova

Summer Pudding

The Chairman’s Cheesecake




(Vegetarian options available on request.)

To book sign up at Club or email:



WCF World Teams AC Championship Tier 2.2/3 - by JohnLow 17/05/2014 @ 09:25

Anyone visiting the club this week can't fail to have seen this event taking place.  Seven teams from Austria, Canada,  Czech republic, Germany, Norway, Spain and Sweden competing in teams of four.

Three games a day for each player (1 doubles and 2 singles) was a lot of games and the top team scored well over 1200 hoops in the six days!

Ray Hall took a lot of photos and I will put a selection on the website in due course.

A summary of the results will follow here shortly, but you can find all the results on - look for WTC Tier 2.2/3 in the list of competitions.

One day challenge 8 June - by Luc_Berthouze 08/05/2014 @ 11:10

Sorry we have cancelled the AC Challenge on 8th June due to lack of interest.

Sunshine warms B level competitions - by John_Low 05/05/2014 @ 10:08

Two sunny days increased the enjoyment of a weekend's croquet at Southwick.  Both ACX and GC competitions were played over the Saturday and Sunday of the Bank Holiday weekend.

The GC competition unfortunately only attracted 10 players and was played as an American block. It was comprehensively won by Richard Raby who lost only one of his nine games. The runner-up was Kathleen Wright.


Full results:

1      Raby,Jackie    beat      Collier,Jane    10-6
2      Sutton,Roger    beat      Russell,Stella    10-6
3      Jenkins,Richard    beat      Huxley,Andrea    10-9
4      Raby,Richard    beat      Harbron,Stephen    10-4
5      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-4

6      Russell,Stella    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-6
7      Huxley,Andrea    beat      Sutton,Roger    10-6
8      Harbron,Stephen    beat      Jenkins,Richard    10-9
9      Raby,Richard    beat      Wright,Kathleen    10-8
10      Collier,Jane    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-6

11      Huxley,Andrea    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-6
12      Sutton,Roger    beat      Harbron,Stephen    10-5
13      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Jenkins,Richard    10-7
14      Raby,Richard    beat      Collier,Jane    10-8
15      Russell,Stella    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-6

16      Harbron,Stephen    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-1
17      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Sutton,Roger    10-3
18      Collier,Jane    beat      Jenkins,Richard    10-7
19      Raby,Richard    beat      Russell,Stella    10-6
20      Huxley,Andrea    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-6

21      Theobald,Sharon    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-5
22      Raby,Richard    beat      Sutton,Roger    10-7
23      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Harbron,Stephen    10-8
24      Huxley,Andrea    beat      Collier,Jane    10-6
25      Jenkins,Richard    beat      Russell,Stella    10-9

26      Raby,Richard    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-3
27      Theobald,Sharon    beat      Jenkins,Richard    10-5
28      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Huxley,Andrea    10-3
29      Russell,Stella    beat      Harbron,Stephen    10-4
30      Collier,Jane    beat      Sutton,Roger    10-7

31      Jenkins,Richard    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-7
32      Sutton,Roger    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-7
33      Russell,Stella    beat      Wright,Kathleen    10-8
34      Collier,Jane    beat      Harbron,Stephen    10-8
35      Raby,Richard    beat      Huxley,Andrea    10-9

36      Jenkins,Richard    beat      Sutton,Roger    10-9
37      Raby,Richard    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-1
38      Collier,Jane    beat      Russell,Stella    10-9
39      Harbron,Stephen    beat      Huxley,Andrea    10-4
40      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-8

41      Sutton,Roger    beat      Raby,Jackie    10-9
42      Jenkins,Richard    beat      Raby,Richard    10-7
43      Wright,Kathleen    beat      Collier,Jane    10-9
44      Russell,Stella    beat      Huxley,Andrea    10-8
45      Harbron,Stephen    beat      Theobald,Sharon    10-7

  Jackie Raby Roger Sutton Richard Jenkins Richard Raby Sharon Theobald Kathleen Wright Jane Collier Stella Russell Andrea Huxley Stephen Harbron Wins Net Points Block Position
Jackie Raby   -1 -3 -7 -5 -2 4 -4 -4 -9 1 -31 10
Roger Sutton 1   -1 -3 3 -7 -3 4 -4 5 4 -5 8
Richard Jenkins 3 1   3 -5 -3 -3 1 1 -1 5 -3 4
Richard Raby 7 3 -3   9 2 2 4 1 6 8 31 1
Sharon Theobald 5 -3 5 -9   -6 -4 -4 -4 -3 2 -23 9
Kathleen Wright 2 7 3 -2 6   1 -2 7 2 7 24 2
Jane Collier -4 3 3 -2 4 -1   1 -4 2 5 2 3
Stella Russell 4 -4 -1 -4 4 2 -1   2 6 5 8 5
Andrea Huxley 4 4 -1 -1 4 -7 4 -2   -6 4 -1 6
Stephen Harbron 9 -5 1 -6 3 -2 -2 -6 6   4 -2 7



(Most of the GC players)

The AC competition was won by John Taylor who won all 5 of his games in a Swiss format tournament and received the Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl from the Club Chairman. Joint Runners-up were Barry Gould and Jonathan Isaacs with 4 wins each.




Full results:

1    Janet Overell     beat     John Bee    +18
2    Farooq Malik     beat     Ray Hall    +15
3    Richard Jackson     beat     DAVID COOK    +1t
4    Adrian Gwyn Morris     beat     Pat Jackson    +10
5    John M Taylor     beat     Barry Gould    +26
6    Neil Coote     beat     LIz Farrow    +3
7    Jonathan Isaacs     beat     Paul Wolff    +4

8    Janet Overell     beat     Farooq Malik    +5
9    Richard Jackson     beat     Adrian Gwyn Morris    +1
10    John M Taylor     beat     Neil Coote    +5
11    Jonathan Isaacs     beat     John Bee    +23
12    Ray Hall     beat     DAVID COOK    +3
13    Barry Gould     beat     Pat Jackson    +17
14    Paul Wolff     beat     Liz Farrow    +8t

15    Richard Jackson     beat     Janet Overell    +16
16    John M Taylor     beat     Jonathan Isaacs    +13
17    Adrian Morris     beat     Farooq Malik    +14
18    Ray Hall     beat     Neil Coote    +21
19    Barry Gould     beat     Paul Wolff    +3
20    DAVID COOK     beat     John Bee    +14
21    Pat Jackson     beat     LIz Farrow    +8

22    John M Taylor     beat     Richard Jackson    +22
23    Jonathan Isaacs     beat     Janet Overell    +17
24    Ray Hall     beat     Adrian Gwyn Morris    +7t
25    Barry Gould     beat     Farooq Malik    +10
26    David Cook     beat     Paul Wolff    +19
27    John Bee     beat     Pat Jackson    +1t
28    Liz Farrow     beat     John Low    +11

29    John M Taylor     beat     Ray Hall    +1t
30    Jonathan Isaacs     beat     Richard Jackson    +10
31    Barry Gould     beat     Janet Overell    +1t
32    David Cook     beat     Adrian Gwyn Morris    +2t
33    John Low     beat     John Bee    +9
34    Farooq Malik     beat     LIz Farrow    +6
35    Paul Wolff     beat     Pat Jackson    +5 


Problems accessing the website - by John_Low 24/04/2014 @ 08:38

If you find you are unable to access the website and receive a mesage along the lines of 

webpage has a redirect loop

I would be grateful if you would email with the date and time of the error, and the name of browser you are using.


Thank you.

Themed Dinner - by Clive_Hayton 07/04/2014 @ 19:10

Thursday 15th May 2014

7pm for 7.30pm


Spring Members and Visitors Dinner

(This special dinner is being held in honour of our overseas visitors from the WCF and as a social occasion for our members)


Smoked Mackerel Pate


Brocolli & Stilton Soup




Somerset Chicken with Cider and Apple Casserole


Ricotta and Spinach Pancakes in a Tomato & Basil Sauce


Assorted Seasonal vegetables




Traditional English Desserts



Charge: £12.50


Numbers for this event will be limited – Book early in the club or contact secretary


I'm grateful to Luc Berthouze for the following information from the first day's play.



Luc reports:  "French and Wicks top two seeds are in semi-final. But their are

waiting for their respective opponents to complete their games tomorrow morning. Quarters and semis are Bo3 and final is meant to be Bo5 but I think unless both semis finish rapidly they will be lucky to have Bo3 for final."


Finally, Cliff decides he will play his games with Luc's mallet!



Unfortunately the quarter-final stages over-ran so remaining stages had to be shortened. Semi-finals were  Martin French v Mark Fawcett and Jamie Mussi v Jack Wicks,  Wicks and French will play the final at a later date.

Later update from Martin French: Jack and I played the Bo3 final today at Colchester.  Jack won.  It was a good match:

Game 1: +4 TPO to Jack.  Jack pegged out both balls at the end of his TPO, leaving Martin on 4 and Jack’s other ball on 3b.  Martin shot well and got within one hoop of Jack before he made 4b, and then soon finished.

Game 2: +13 TP to Martin.  Jack picked up a triple well but got hampered after 3.  Martin went round but had a poor leave.  After a bit of interchange, Martin got started by rolling off 1 then rolling off 2 from Second Corner, and completed the triple.

Game 3: +21 to Jack.  Jack had a 3rd turn ball round to 4b.  Martin started a 4th turn TPO, but got hampered by the peelee at 6 and couldn’t hit the pioneer.  Jack finished with a double peel, 5th turn.

Jack has the SCCC tumbler, Martin the wine, and presumably Mark still has the Salver! 

Highlights of the 2014 AGM - by Clive_Hayton 04/04/2014 @ 18:48

Highlights from the AGM held on 15 March 2014


  • Liz Farrow was elected as the club’s new chairman.

  • Jonathan Isaacs stood down from the committee after many years’ excellent service as chairman and as a member of the committee.

  • David Gaitley also stood down from the committee and Roger Sutton joined the committee.

  • Jonathan and Chrissy Isaacs and David Gaitley were warmly thanked for all their work for the club.

  • The accounts showed a deficit for the year of £2,286 which was after expenditure on relaying lawn 8 (net of a grant of £4,000 from the CA) and the cost of a new gearbox for the mower which came to over £5,000 between them.

  • Income from the Academy was well up on the previous year. Other areas showing improvement were catering, bar and corporate. Subscriptions and tournament income were down. Expenditure other than on lawn 8 and the mower was steady.

  • 2014 should see good income from tournaments with the World Team Championships (AC tier 2.2) being held at the club in May plus the return of well attended tournaments – Seniors AC, Golf Open and the Challenge & Gilbey.

  • The lawn maintenance contract was tendered and new contractors (SJK) were appointed. SJK work with a number of croquet and other sports clubs and come well recommended. They will be using their own extensive range of equipment.

  • Member numbers rose from 134 to 144 in the year to December 2013 as new member recruitment produced a good number of new members.

  • Internal coaching was well-received and has contributed to an increased buzz around the club.

  • Volunteers are sought for assistance with catering and other tasks (contact Liz Farrow or Clive Hayton).

  • A major new initiative was announced to raise funds to completely renovate the lawns which have become compacted from over 100 years of use with a thick layer of thatch causing unevenness and poor drainage. The intention is to strip down and re-seed 3 to 4 lawns each winter to improve their drainage and evenness. A target of £50,000 has been set for the Lawn Improvement Fund whose steering group will be chaired by Jonathan Isaacs. Jonathan stated that the cost should not fall on members. The offer of a limited number of life memberships was proposed and agreed by the meeting. Further funds will be sought from grants from the CA, SECF and other bodies as well as other initiatives like car boot sales. Members were requested to contribute items to sell.

New Season for Croquet Academy starts - by John_Low 28/03/2014 @ 08:09

The new season of coaching under our Croquet Academy starts at the beginning of April so expect to find a number of lawns in use for this purpose.

The programme is available on the Academy website.

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