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Help the Winter Working Party - 12/10/2012 @ 11:05


AC Advanced Weekend Results - 10/10/2012 @ 21:11

The weather was happily better than forecast and almost matched the warmth of the welcome given to  the 10 players in the Solomon Cup and the 8 for the B class Sussex Tumblers by the SCCC at Southwick.

John Daniels defeated the 2nd seed  Alan Cottle by only  3 on his way to the BO3 Final on the Sunday where he really found his form. A single error in the first game went unpunished by Nick Harris and John took that +26. The second game was not quite so clinical but still resulted in a +17 win for John and the Cup.

Alan Cottle won the Consolation Event  with 4 Wins from 5

The B Class Sussex Tumblers was competed for by 8 players with Handicaps ranging from 4 to 8 in what was supposed to be a 5 round Swiss format.  Using the well known  tactic of  losing  in the first round resulted in David Cook H7 winning his remaining 4 games whilst Paul Wolff H5 won his first 4 and lost the last to Avril Rangioni Machiavelli H6. On the basis that  David had beaten Avril whilst Paul had lost to her,  the Tumbler (only one) was awarded to David Cook and Paul Wolff was declared the runner - up. 

(If anyone has any photos from this event, do send us one - email webmaster.)


Below are the matches played the the Advanced Weekend Tournament 29th & 30th September.

The Solomon Cup Sussex CCC

Paul Castel    beat    Paul Watson    +6
John Daniels    beat    Neil Coote    +16
Nick Harris    beat    David Mumford    +6
Gary Bennett    beat     Mary Knapp    +2
Alan Cottle    beat    Luc Berthouze    +11
John Daniels    beat     Paul Castel    +20
Nick Harris    beat     Gary Bennett    +25
Alan Cottle    beat    Paul Watson    +15
Luc Berthouze    beat     Mary Knapp    +6
Neil Coote    beat    David Mumford    +16
Paul Castel    beat     Gary Bennett    +16
John Daniels    beat    Alan Cottle    +3
Nick Harris    beat    Paul Watson    +17
David Mumford    beat     Mary Knapp    +17
Luc Berthouze    beat    Neil Coote    +15
Nick Harris    beat     Paul Castel    +24
Gary Bennett    beat    Paul Watson    +24
John Daniels    beat     Nick Harris    +26
John Daniels    beat     Nick Harris    +17
Paul Watson    beat    Neil Coote    +5
Alan Cottle    beat     Gary Bennett    +19
David Mumford    beat    Luc Berthouze    +6
Mary Knapp    beat     Paul Castel    +4
Alan Cottle    beat     Mary Knapp    +1
Luc Berthouze    beat     Gary Bennett    +25
Paul Castel    beat    Neil Coote    +20
Paul Watson    beat    David Mumford    20
Paul Castel    beat    Luc Berthouze    +20 tp

Sussex Tumblers

Richard Jackson    beat    David Cook    +25
Jeff Rushby    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +4
Paul Wolf     beat    Pat Jackson    +1t
John Bee    beat    Ray Hall    +12t
David Cook    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +18
Jeff Rushby    beat    Richard Jackson    +6
Paul Wolf     beat    John Bee    +5t
Ray Hall    beat    Pat Jackson    +3t
Richard Jackson    beat    Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +7
Paul Wolf     beat    Ray Hall    +7t
John Bee    beat    Pat Jackson    +24
David Cook    beat    Jeff Rushby    10
David Cook    beat    John Bee    +11
Richard Jackson    beat    Ray Hall    +23
Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    beat    Pat Jackson    +13
Paul Wolf     beat    Jeff Rushby    +10t
David Cook    beat    Ray Hall    +17
John Bee    beat    Richard Jackson    9
Jeff Rushby    beat    Pat Jackson    +14
Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    beat    Paul Wolff    +4t   


Dear SCCC member
This Winter every Saturday morning from 11.00 a.m until 13.00pm - and as requested at the AGM and in late summer - there will be new ALL-SORTS croquet sessions.
Club GC sessions will continue be on Mondays and Thursdays, also at 11.00. Wednesday morning Alternate Stroke Doubles will start at 9.45. Tuesdays in Winter, from October 9th onwards, remain as Working Party days.
The first ALL-SORTS morning will be held on Saturday, 6th October. The details of the ALL-SORTS games will depend on the numbers turning up and their interests. The basic idea is that the members joining in will be teamed up in a way similar to the present Club GC afternoon sessions. All croquet formats will be tried if appropriate to members' interests - GC doubles, Alternate Stroke Doubles, 14 point doubles, One-Ball doubles and so on. A member of the Club Committee and/or a Coach will be there to help organise the draw and to arrange the formats. Each morning will aim to conclude with packed lunch in the canteen.
We will also try to arrange more specifically social events on these days. Ideas of Pot-Luck lunches have already been discussed. Please contact Chairman or Secretary

End of Season Dinner - 05/10/2012 @ 17:55


Put name on list in club or contact Jonathan

The Sussex Golf Croquet Open Championship was won today by David Crawford who beat James Goodbun in the final 7-6, 7-6.


Runner-up (left) James Goodbun and winner (right) David Crawford

There was an enthusiastic participation in the consolation event for those who did not make the cut into the knockout stage.  This event was played in flexible Swiss format and was won by Helena Fensome.  Keith Webb was runner-up.


CA Past Chairman Bill Arliss and Consolation Event winner Helena Fensome

Results of block stage on Saturday:





Results of knockout:

James Goodbun    beat    Robin Wootton  5-7,7-3,7-2
Lionel Tibble    beat    Jack Wicks    5-7, 7-4, 7-5
David Crawford    beat    Tudor Jenkins    7-5, 5-7, 7-0
Bill Arliss    beat    Mark Hamilton    7-3, 7-5
James Goodbun    beat    Lionel Tibble    7-5,3-7,7-5
David Crawford    beat    Bill Arliss    7-5, 7-5

David Crawford    beat    James Goodbun    7-6, 7-6

3rd Place
Bill Arliss    beat    Lionel Tibble    10-9

5th place
Robin Wootton    beat    Tudor Jenkins    10-9 

Results of consolation event:

Maggie Webb    beat    Helena Fensome    7-6
Bob Ellis    beat    Alan Cottle    7-5
Richard Brooks    beat    Stella Russell    7-3
Bernard Thys    beat    Keith Webb    7-5
Maggie Webb    beat    Bob Ellis    7-5
Helena Fensome    beat    Stella Russell    7-1
Keith Webb    beat    Alan Cottle    7-5
Richard Brooks    beat    Bernard Thys    7-3
Keith Webb    beat    Maggie Webb    7-4
Stella Russell    beat    Bernard Thys    7-2
Richard Brooks    beat    Bob Ellis    7-6
Helena Fensome    beat    John Low    7-5
Keith Webb    beat    Richard Brooks    7-3
Bernard Thys    beat    Maggie Webb    7-4
Helena Fensome    beat    Bob Ellis    7-6
Stella Russell    beat    John Low    7-6
Helena Fensome    beat    Richard Brooks    7-6
Bob Ellis    beat    Keith Webb    7-6 


Invitation Doubles Results - 27/08/2012 @ 18:36


As the entries for the tournament were unfortunately low this year, the four class singles events were merged into two groups.


The top group played a swiss format competition to advanced rules for the Abbey Challenge Cup, and this was won by Jon Palin with 4/5 wins.  Jonathan Isaacs was runner-up also with 4/5 wins, having lost to Jon Palin.


Winner Jon Palin receives the Abbey Challenge Cup from John Solomon


Runner-up Jonathan Isaacs 


The second group also played a swiss format competition but to mixed handicap or advanced rules, depending on the handicap of the weaker player, for the Monteith Bowl, which has traditionally been the premier cup for open handicap play at Southwick.

The winner was club player David Cook who won all his games.


David Cook receives the Monteith Bowl from John Solomon


Results of games:


      Order of Play      
B David Cook +22     John Gosney  
B Quiller Barrett     +1T Pat Jackson H
B Neil Coote     +1T Pamela Gooders H
B John Bee +3T     Richard Jackson  
A Barry Gould     +23 John Daniels  
A Mark Hamilton     +13 Luc Berthouze  
A Jon Palin +23     Jonathan Isaacs  
A Bill Arliss +18     Mary Knapp  
A John Daniels     +17 Luc Berthouze  
A Jon Palin     +16 Bill Arliss  
A Barry Gould     +19 Mark Hamilton  
A Jonathan Isaacs +7     Mary Knapp  
B David Cook +19     Pat Jackson  
B John Bee     Won Pamela Gooders H
B John Gosney     +16 Quiller Barrett H
B Richard Jackson +1T     Neil Coote  
A Luc Berthouze +8     Bill Arliss  
A John Daniels     +7 Jon Palin  
A Mark Hamilton     +11 Jonathan Isaacs  
A Barry Gould     +4 Mary Knapp  
B Pat Jackson     +12 John Gosney  
B David Cook +19     Richard Jackson  
B John Bee     +1T Neil Coote  
A Luc Berthouze     +18 Jon Palin  
A Bill Arliss     +5 John Daniels  
A John Low     +24 Mary Knapp (Stand-in)
A Jonathan Isaacs +16     Barry Gould  
B David Cook +1T     Pamela Gooders  
B Pat Jackson +15     John Bee  
B Neil Coote     +5 Quiller Barrett  
B Richard Jackson +13     John Gosney  
A Luc Berthouze     +18 Jonathan Isaacs  
A Jon Palin +14     Mary Knapp  
A Bill Arliss     +9 Barry Gould  
A John Daniels +26     Neil Coote (Stand-in)
B David Cook +18     Quiller Barrett H
B Pamela Gooders +9T     Richard Jackson H
B Pat Jackson +21     John Low (Stand-in)
B John Bee +3     John Gosney  


2-Legged Competiton 2012

The Two-legged competition consists of 14pt handicap doubles and one advanced and one handicap 14pt singles game each round.   Points are scored as follows:


4 points for each win in either singles or doubles;
2 additional points for each game which is pegged out;
1 additional point (for either team, not just winner) for each peel made in any game;
3 points for a triple peel in a singles game (either team).
Points Hoops scored PLAYER 1 vs PLAYER 2 Hoops scored Points
8 14 Alan Rew & Mark Hamilton vs Pam Gooders & Gerald Gooders 9 0
2 10 Mark Hamilton   Gerald Gooders 13 4
6 14 Alan Rew   Pam Gooders 3 0
0 0 Frances Low & John Low vs Keith Slatter & John Gosney 14 6
0 7 John Low   John Gosney 14 6
5 12 Frances Low   Keith Slatter 10 0
0 11 Keith Slatter & John Gosney vs Alan Rew & Mark Hamilton 14 6
1 10 John Gosney   Mark Hamilton 14 6
7 14 Keith Slatter   Alan Rew 5 0
4 9 Pam Gooders & Gerald Gooders vs Frances Low & John Low 7 0
0 11 Gerald Gooders   John Low 14 6
4 10 Pam Gooders   Frances Low 8 0
6 14 Alan Rew & Mark Hamilton vs Frances Low & John Low 7 0
4 10 Mark Hamilton   John Low 9 0
6 14 Alan Rew   Frances Low 6 1
0 1 Keith Slatter & John Gosney vs Pam Gooders & Gerald Gooders 14 6
6 14 John Gosney   Gerald Gooders 4 0
0 6 Keith Slatter   Pam Gooders 14 6

The event (Howard Austin Cups) was won by Mark Hamilton and Alan Rew  with 44 points; runners-up were John Gosney and Keith Slatter with 26 points.

Spanish Dinner - 13/08/2012 @ 09:36


To reserve places, contact Jonathan Isaacs or put name on list in club

Website changes - 15/07/2012 @ 21:32

I have temporarily hidden the calendar box as I have not had time to populate it with forthcoming events.  Sorry!

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