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SSSC Annual Tournament 2017 - by Jonathan-Deborah 04/08/2017 @ 21:06

SSSC Annual Tournament 2017

Despite challenging weather conditions over the two days of competition, the tournament was played with great good humour, not to mention stoicism, so that all the events were completed.  Our thanks to all the players for their perseverence!

The results were as follows:

AC Event 1 Abbey Challenge Cup - Winner: David Nicholson.  Runner-up: Luc Berthouze.
AC Event 2 Scott Cup                    -  Winner: Liz Farrow.  Runner-up: Neil Coote
AC Event 3 Daldy Cup                    -  Winner: Clive Hayton.  Runner-up: David Marcus

GC Event 1 Jellicorse Cup              - Winner: Richard Brooks. Runner-up: Ian Cobbold
GC Event 2 Issacs Cup                   - Winner: Robert Clark. Runner-up: David King

Jonathan Isaacs and Deborah Marcus
Tournament Managers

Corrected detailed results (apologies, Webmaster misunderstood format)

AC Event 1 Abbey Challenge Cup

Block 1
Luc Berthouze beat Jon Diamond +1
David Nicholson beat Anthony Dix + 26 tp

Luc Berthouze beat Anthony Dix +24tp
David Nicholson beat Jon Diamond +19

James Tuttiet beat Andrew Dutton +3
David Nicholson beat Luc Berthouze +26stp

Block 2
Cliff Jones beat James Tuttiet +26tp
Paul Castell beat Andrew Dutton +22

Cliff Jones beat Paul Castell +6
Anthony Dix beat Jon Diamond +21

Cliff Jones beat Andrew Dutton +13
Paul Castell beat James Tuttiet +11

Luc Berthouze beat Cliff Jones +26
David Nicholson beat Paul Castell +20tp

Luc Berthouze beat Paul Castell +26tp
David Nicholson beat Cliff Jones +3

David Nicholson beat Luc Berthouze +23
Paul Castell beat Cliff Jones +6

Anthony Dix beat Andrew Dutton +8
Jon Diamond beat James Tuttiet +16

Anthony Dix beat Jon Diamond +13
James Tuttiet beat Andrew Dutton +13

(One-ball):Anthony Dix beat James Tuttiet +3
(One-Ball):Andrew Dutton beat Jon Diamond +3

AC Event 2 Scott Cup

Neil Coote beat Janet Overell +18
Dennis Dunk beat John M Taylor +8
Elizabeth Farrow beat Alexander Jardine +12

Elizabeth Farrow beat Janet Overell +23
Alexander Jardine beat John M Taylor +5

18 point games (weather restricted):
Elizabeth Farrow beat Neil Coote +5
Janet Overell beat John M Taylor +8

Neil Coote beat John M Taylor +10
Alexander Jardine beat Janet Overell +16

Neil Coote beat Alexander Jardine +13
Elizabeth Farrow beat John M Taylor +10

AC Event 3 Daldy Cup

David Cook beat Clive Hayton +5(t)
Martyn Cooperman beat Jeffrey Rushby +2
David Houston beat David Marcus +8(t)

David Cook beat Martyn Cooperman +13
Clive Hayton beat David Houston +16
David Marcus beat Jeffrey Rushby +11

18 point games (weather restricted):
David Houston beat David Cook +9
David Marcus beat Martyn Cooperman +11
Clive Hayton beat Jeffrey Rushby +8

David Cook beat Jeffrey Rusby +15
Clive Hayton beat David Marcus +5
Martyn Cooperman beat David Houston +2

David Marcus beat David Cook +17
David Houston beat Jeffrey Rushby +10
Clive Hayton beat Martyn Cooperman +8

World AC Team Championship - by Ray_Hall-John_Low 02/07/2017 @ 21:54

World AC Team Championship

International teams come to Southwick 17 to 22 July 2017


Full results in the tournament can be found at

The tournament has been and gone and was on the whole a great success. A huge amount of effort was put in by the Club and its members and I know so many players were very grateful for that.


Unfortunately the weather defeated us on the final day. We got the mornings play (starting at 8am in the case of Tier 3) but in the afternoon there was the most tremendous cloudburst that flooded the lawns; after a valiant attempt to restart play we had to admit that play would have to be abandoned and the results declared on the games completed by then.


Over the next day or so I will add some further photos here and in the album area of the website. In the meantime here is a summary of the results from each of the three Tiers.


Tier 2.1 Tests Matches Games Hoops
Wins Losses Draws Wins Losses Wins Losses For Against Net
Wales 3 0 0 14 4 29 13 948 588 360
Scotland 1 1 0 11 4 28 12 848 613 235
Ireland 1 2 0 4 13 11 26 485 812 -327
Spain 0 2 0 3 11 8 25 478 746


Tier 2.2&3 Stage 1 Tests Games Hoops
Wins Losses Draws Wins Losses For Against Net
Canada 4 0 0 33 7 945 422 523
Sweden 3 1 0 24 16 783 610 173
Germany 2 2 0 21 19 687 707 -20
South Africa 1 3 0 17 23 591 758 -167
Czech Republic 0 4 0 5 35 408 917 -509


Tier 2.2 Tests Matches Games Hoops
Wins Losses Draws Wins Losses Wins Losses For Against Net
Canada 0 0 0 1 1 5 4 139 186 -47
Sweden 0 0 0 1 1 4 5 186 139 47

(Declared as a Tie)


Tier 2.3 Tests Games Hoops
Wins Losses Draws Wins Losses For Against Net
Germany 1 0 0 12 4 322 201 121
South Africa 1 0 0 9 7 259 272 -13
Czech Republic 0 2 0 3 13 223 331 -108

Chris and John (Managers)

Background by Ray Hall

The long-standing MacRobertson Shield contest became part of the World Croquet Federation team series in 2010, and the Association Croquet World Team Championship was established to extend the opportunities for team competition to other countries. Tiers 2.1, 2.2 and 3 were established on a format based on the “Mac”, and Great Britain separated into component countries.

In that inaugural year Wales took 2.1, Scotland 2.2 and the Czech Republic took tier 3. In 2014 Tier 2.1 was played in Ireland and was won by the hosts. The lower tiers were played at Southwick where Spain won tier 2.2 and are now promoted to tier 2.1 at the expense of South Africa. For 2017 all three tiers will be hosted at Southwick, taking the whole week from 17 to 22 July.

Tier 2.1 teams will be Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Spain. Each team will play a full two-day test match against each of the other teams, as in the MacRobertson Shield, finishing on Saturday 22 July. Scotland finished only marginally above SA in 2014, so much hinges on whether Spain can maintain their 2014 form.

Tiers 2.2 and 3 will be run as a combined competition between Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, South Africa and Sweden. In 2014, when played entirely as a single block, the order of the current entrants was Sweden (4 wins) Germany (3) Canada (2), Czech Rep (0) so we shall see how they cope with South Africa.

From Monday to Thursday each team will play against the other four in 'Jamboree format '. This entails one doubles and two singles each day, which enables all five teams to complete a full test match format. Tier 2.2 will be determined by the two top teams then playing a full test match on Friday and Saturday. The remaining three teams will play a modified Jamboree, which minimises repeat encounters, to determine the tier 3 result.

The opening ceremony is on Sunday evening, 16 July; international skittles on Tuesday evening; tournament dinner on Friday; and trophy presentation on Saturday evening 22 July. Spectators will be welcome throughout the week, though we cannot guarantee a repeat of the 2014 sunny weather.


Ray Hall


SCCC B level AC Weekend - by Deborah_Marcus 09/05/2017 @ 19:11

The SCCC AC B level was held on 6/7 May 2017.

The tournament was played over 5 rounds of 35 games in all.  Some contestants came from as far as Scotland and Durham, so there was an interesting range of players.   They faced rather wintry temperatures on Saturday, though there was a slight thaw on Sunday.   It was great to have Mark Hamilton playing in the tournament after a two-year absence from croquet.  The tournament was won by Chris Coull with 5 wins over 5 rounds and the runner-up was Phil Dunk, with 4 wins, both SCCC members.  

Name Wins Losses
Chris Coull 5 0
Phil Dunk 4 1
Liz Farrow 3 2
Jonathan Isaacs 3 2
Chris Rolph 3 2
Philip Windred 3 2
Paul Wolff 3 2
Edward Dymock 2 3
David Houston 2 3
John Reddish 2 3
John M Taylor 2 3
Roger Tedstone 2 3
David Cook 1 4
Mark Hamilton 0 5

Deborah Marcus

SCCC B Level GC Weekend - by Jonathan_Isaacs 07/05/2017 @ 22:02
The SCCC GC B level was held on 6/7 May 2017.

The tournament was played using 19 point games, Whilst a tad cold the weather was dry and partially sunny. The tournament was won by Gavin Taylor from Merton and runner up was a new up and coming new player Ben Harwood from SCCC. Unfortunately Andrea Huxley had to withdraw after Day 1 due to an illness and was replaced by Eileen Prodder who very kindly stepped into the gap to avoid the competitors having to have byes.

The final positions were as follows:

1.	Gavin Taylor
2.	Ben Harwood
3.	Andrew Carpenter
4.	Louise Taylor
5.	John Skuse
6.	Eileen Prodger/ Andrea Huxley
7. 	Richard Carline
8.	Morgan Case

Jonathan Isaacs


All the GC players


Winner Gavin Taylor


Presentation for Ben our Groundsman who played in the tournament.

Matches - by Liz_Farrow 19/04/2017 @ 08:02

The lists for match play are up in the club and will soon be on the website. A gentle reminder that the first named of the pair is responsible for contacting the opponent to arrange play. Please stick to the date allocations!!

Some of you have put down to play in leagues, but many more of you may like to have a go!

I attach the list of team captains, so that you can contact them if you would like to know more about a league , or offer to play in it .

Leagues are run by the South east Federation (SECF) and CA inter club by the CA.

 I am more than happy to explain any league to you. Alternatively look at the SECF or CA websites.

It is a great way of meeting other club players.

April AC Advanced Weekend Tournament - by Chris_Constable 14/04/2017 @ 18:46

Sussex County Weekend Advanced Tournament 8th/9th April 2017

Knockout and Hands Egyptian consolation event


James Hopgood beat Philip Windred +26tp

Luc Berthouze beat Mary Knapp +21

Robert Alexander beat Tudor Jenkins +25

Jeff Dawson beat Peter Thompson +26

Phil Cordingly beat Phil Dunk +14

Nigel Polhill beat Daphne Gaitley +15

Neil Coote beat Liz Farrow +8

Mark Avery beat John Wells +26tp

Annabel McDiarmid beat Roger Tedsone+20

Philip Eardley beat David Cook +11

Mark Fawcett beat David Gaitley +24

Jeffrey Rushby beat Dave Gunn +1t

James Hopgood beat Luc Berthouze +17qp

Phil Cordingly beat Nigel Polhill +26

Philip Eardley beat Annabel McDiarmid +14

Mark Avery beat Neil Coote +26tp

Jeff Dawson beat Robert Alexander +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Jeffrey Rushby +26

Mark Avery beat Phil Cordingly +26tp

Mark Fawcett beat Philip Eardley +25

Semi Finals best of 3

Mark Avery beat James Hopgood +26tp, +26p

Jeff Dawson beat Mark Fawcett +18tp,-17,+25tp


Mark Avery beat Jeff Dawson +17tp, +26tp

(Mark Avery had a 100% record of tps over the weekend)

Consolation Hands Egyptian

Philip Windred beat John Wells +13

Jeff Dawson beat James Hopgood +25tp

Peter Thompson beat David Gaitley +14

Tudor Jenkins beat Mary Knapp +2

Roger Tedstone beat Phil Dunk +12

Liz Farrow beat David Cook +6

Philip Windred beat Daphne Gaitley +4

Dave Gunn beat John Wells +1t

Jeff Dawson beat Neil Coote +18

Robert Alexander beat Jeffrey Rushby +11

Luc Berthouze beat Peter Thompson +15

Nigel Polhill beat David Gaitley +19tp

James Hopgood beat Annabel McDiarmid +26tp

Mary Knapp beat Phil Dunk +22

Tudor Jenkins beat Liz Farrow +3

Roger Tedstone beat David Cook +11

Phil Cordingley beat Philip Windred +15

Annabel McDiarmid beat Dave Gunn +16

Luc Berthouze beat Nigel Polhill +3

Philip Eardley beat John Wells +9

Philip Windred beat Mary Knapp +7

Liz Farrow beat Roger Tedstone +14

Phil Dunk beat David Cook +2t

Tudor Jenkins beat Nigel Polhill +1t

Annabel McDiarmid beat Luc Berthouze+26tp

Dave Gunn beat Daphne Gaitley +7t

Neil Coote beat Peter Thompson +8

David Gaitley beat Jeffrey Rushby +6t

Robert Alexander beat Phil Cordingley +17

Luc Berthouze beat Philip Eardley +11

Annabel McDiarmid beat John Wells +26

James Hopgood beat Robert Alexander +17tp

Mark Fawcett beat Annabel McDiarmid +13

Phil Dunk beat John Wells +16

Philip Windred beat Peter Thompson +14

Mary Knapp beat Neil Coote +2

Roger Tedstone beat Dave Gunn +14

Nigel Polhill beat Jeffrey Rushby +17

David Cook beat Tudor Jenkins +11

Robert Alexander beat Liz Farrow +17

James Hopgood beat Philip Eardley +23TP

Phil Cordingley beat Luc Berthouze +9

James Hopgood beat Dave Gunn +26tp

Winner of consolation event Philip Windred

No handicap changes notified

Chris Constable, Manager.

Charity One-Ball Event - by Jonathan_Isaacs 04/04/2017 @ 20:40
The one ball heat of the Charity One Ball competition was held at SCCC on Sunday 2nd April. The competition was played on an all plays all format (American Block). The event raised £152 in aid of Parkinson’s Disease and was won by Robin Wootten. 

Under the rules of the competition we can enter 1 person for every £50 donated towards the charity. This year we were eligible for three places which go to the highest 3 placed players that are available for the final at Surbiton on Sunday 7th May. 

Robin Wootton, Luc Berthouze and Rosemary Faulkner will therefore be representing us at Surbiton.


Name A B C D E F G H I Points Hoops run Position
A Luc Berthouze 11 D 7 9 W 4 13 W 9 W 13 W 11 W 5.5 77 2
B Daphne Gaitley 11 D 11 13 W 13W 6 10 13 W 13 W 4.5 90 5
C Liz Farrow 13 W 13 W 13 W 4 10 13 W 12 11 4 90 6
D David Gaitley 6 9 11 13 W 7 7 8 10 D 1.5 71 9
E Phil Dunk 13 W 9 13 W 11 13 W 10 13 W 13 W 5 95 3
F Janet Hoptroff 5 10 W 12 W 13 W 9 10 13 W 13 W 5 85 4
G Robin Wootton 7 13 W 11 13 W 13 W 13 W 8 W 13 W 6 91 1
H Rosemary Faulkner 8 8 13 W 13W 9 10 7 11 W 3 79 7
I Anne Smith 9 5 13 W 10 D 9 11 8 9 1.5 74 8

Open Day - by Liz_Farrow 25/03/2017 @ 19:40



Grand Opening of the new lawns

Saturday 1st April

Please come to our new season opening day and support the official opening of our new lawns

Timetable of events:

10.30am Coffee, Tea & Biscuits

11am Grand opening of the new lawns

by Quiller Barrett, President of the CA

11.15am The President’s team v The Chairman’sTeam

All members wishing to play can elect to play GC, AC or one ball.

Players will be split between the President’s and the Chairman’s team

1pm Light lunch of homemade soup and a Ploughmans buffet

2pm Play continues

4pm Tea and Cakes

Please let us know if you want lunch on arrival. If you can’t come for the whole day – don’t worry, just pop in and join in the fun for as long as you wish.

Club AGM 2017 - by Liz_Farrow 05/02/2017 @ 09:44



SUNDAY 5 TH MARCH 2017 at 3pm




  1. Apologies

  1. Minutes of the AGM held on 12th March 2016

  1. Matters arising

  1. Chairman’s Report

  1. Treasurer's Report and Presentation of Annual Accounts

  1. Appointment of Auditor

  1. Secretary’s Report

  1. Election of Officers and Management Committee

  1. Club Plans for 2017 – 2018

  1. Engraving of Trophies

  1. Any Other Business.


Tea and Biscuits will be served after the meeting

Curry Lunch - by Liz_Farrow 02/01/2017 @ 18:48

The SCCC Great Curry Lunch

Sunday 5th February 2017 12 noon for 12.30pm


Mild Chicken Curry

Medium Lentil Curry

Mild mixed Vegetable Curry

Mild Punjabi Mushroom Curry

(Contains dairy products)


The above curries are served with:

Plain Basmati Rice, Papadums, Mango Chutney & Fresh side Dishes


Assorted Ice Creams & Fruit

All dishes are gluten free


To book please sign up on the noticeboard or contact Fran Box by email or phone.

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