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Jamie Burch wins Southwick Salver for third year running - by John_Low 17/04/2011 @ 20:25

Jamie Burch made it 3 in a row today when he beat Rutger Beijderwellen in the final of the Southwick Salver.
In a best of 3 final, Rutger took control completing a tpo and pegging Jamie out.  However Jamie hit in and finished the game +7otp
The second game was +26tp to Jamie.



1    Rodney Parkins     beat     Collin Southern    +5t
2    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     David Parkins    +25tp
3    Phillip Eardley     beat     John Low    +15
4    Dick Knapp     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +14
5    Gabrielle Higgins     beat     Mark Fawcett    +26
6    Kevin Carter     beat     Paul Castell    +14
7    Jonathan Hills     beat     Dominic Nunns    +18
8    Robert Alexander     beat     Martin French    +12
9    Tudor Jenkins     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +19
10    Andrew Gregory     beat     Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +2
11    Jeff Rushby     beat     Doug Sinclair    +3
12    Mary Knapp     beat     Alan Cottle    +10
13    Jamie Burch     beat     Nigel Polhill    +26tp
14    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Phillip Eardley    +21tp
15    Gabrielle Higgins     beat     Dick Knapp    +16tp
16    Jamie Burch     beat     Mary Knapp    +8
17    Tudor Jenkins     beat     Robert Alexander    +7
18    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Rodney Parkins    +20tp, +26tp
19    Jonathan Hills     beat     Kevin Carter    +13tpo
20    Jamie Burch     beat     Jeff Rushby    +25, +20
21    Jonathan Hills     beat     Gabrielle Higgins    +26, +14
22    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Jonathan Hills    +13tp, +17stp
23    Andrew Gregory     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +13, -3t, +5* (14pt)
24    Jamie Burch     beat     Andrew Gregory    +26tp +20tp
25    Jamie Burch     beat     Rutger Beijderwellen    +7otp, +26tp

The consolation event (Hands Egyptian) was won by Jeff Rushby.
1    Mark Fawcett     beat     Paul Castell    +6
2    Nigel Polhill     beat     David Parkins    +10
3    Jolyon Creasey     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +22
4    Martin French     beat     Collin Southern    +17
5    Mark Fawcett     beat     Doug Sinclair    +25
6    Paul Castell     beat     Phillip Eardley    +12
7    Kevin Carter     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +25
8    Dominic Nunns     beat     Alan Cottle    +25
9    Dick Knapp     beat     Andrew Gregory    +17
10    Dominic Nunns     beat     Mary Knapp    +17
11    Alan Cottle     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +9
12    Mark Fawcett     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +7
13    Kevin Carter     beat     Nigel Polhill    +9
14    Collin Southern   beat     Avril R Machiavelli      +19
15    Martin French     beat     Doug Sinclair    +26tp
16    Paul Castell     beat     David Parkins    +10tp
17    Robert Alexander     beat     Dick Knapp    +2
18    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Rodney Parkins    +12
19    Phillip Eardley     beat     Mark Fawcett    +3
20    Dominic Nunns     beat     Martin French    +18
21    Paul Castell     beat     Kevin Carter    +26tp
22    Jeff Rushby     beat     Doug Sinclair    +20
23    Paul Castell     beat     Martin French    +6
24    Nigel Polhill     beat     Dominic Nunns    +12
25    Jamie Burch     beat     Mark Fawcett    +14
26    Dick Knapp     beat     Philip Eardley    +23
27    Robert Alexander     beat     Kevin Carter    +24
28    Alan Cottle     beat     David Parkins    +6
29    Mary Knapp     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +4
30    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Collin Southern    +13
31    Doug Sinclair     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +4t
32    Jeff Rushby     beat     Rodney Parkins    +2
33    Kevin Carter     beat     Dick Knapp    +16
34    Robert Alexander     beat     Mark Fawcett    +23
35    Mary Knapp     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +23
36    Philip Eardley     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +2
37    Jonathan Hills     beat     Nigel Polhill    +19
38    David Parkins     beat     Collin Southern    ,+15
39    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Doug Sinclair    +24
40    Kevin Carter     beat     Jeff Rushby    +17
41    Alan Cottle     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +25
42    Paul Castell     beat     Rodney Parkins    +4
43    Martin French     beat     Dick Knapp    26
44    Jonathan Hills     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +26tp
45    Nigel Polhill     beat     Mary Knapp    +8
46    Martin French     beat     Jonathan Hills    +15
47    Dick Knapp     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +24tp
48    Alan Cottle     beat     Philip Eardley    +19
49    Kevin Carter     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +5

Richard Brooks wins Singles Golf Croquet Day - by John_Low 21/03/2011 @ 08:41
The Handicap Single Golf Croquet competition on 20th March 2011, last event in the SCCC winter tournament season, was won by Richard Brooks. A report is here.

Sussex wins Interclub Golf Day - by John_Low 06/03/2011 @ 22:34

Sussex won this year's Interclub Golf Croquet Day today, 6th March.

Details are here


The winning team were Richard Brooks, Maggie and Keith Webb and Paul Castell.

Alternate Strokes Doubles Competition - by John_Low 22/02/2011 @ 13:09
We had 24 players for a pleasant if slightly chilly day's croquet.

The winners were Jeff Rushby and Alan Rew who beat Keith Slatter and John Gosney to 1st place.

Thanks to John Gosney for preparing 6 lawns for the event and to Chris Constable for managing it and providing the soup and roll lunch - delicious even if she couldn't quite remember what was in it!

Death of Gordon Verinder - by Alan_Rew 17/02/2011 @ 22:11
I am sorry to report that Gordon Verinder has died at the grand old age of 94.

Gordon and his wife Sheila ( who died a couple of years ago) were members of the Club for many years.

Death of Ken Pascall - by Alan_Rew 15/02/2011 @ 10:23

Ken Pascall

I am writing to pass on the sad news that Ken Pascall, who was admitted  to hospital in Haywards Heath only a week ago with pains in his arms, then deteriorated very rapidly, and has now passed away.  Janet was with him in his final days.  Both Ken and Janet have been keen Association players at Southwick taking part in Jamborees and in the alternate stroke doubles sessions most Wednesday mornings (apart from the coldest ones.) Janet describes croquet and SCCC as probably Ken's first loves and they counted themselves lucky to have found a game and club which suited them as a couple so well.  The funeral will be in Croydon at Ken's "home" church after the 28th February; details will be published, in due course, in the Telegraph.

Fernando de Ansorena - by John_Low 08/02/2011 @ 14:33

I am sorry to report that Fernando de Ansorena died on the 4th February, after a courageous battle with cancer.

He was a regular visitor to Southwick, playing in our AC tournaments, latterly the Seniors’ and in the European Championship. We enjoyed his company last year at one of our themed dinners, together with his wife Pilar and son Fernando. Several of our members have enjoyed his hospitality in Jerez, where he helped to found one of the first croquet clubs in Spain.

He was a great character – he never really mastered very much English. He would furnish the bar with sherry, and fly back to Spain with a box of kippers. He generously provided the “Harvey’s Trophy”

Croquet has lost a colourful character – we will miss him.

Fernando de Ansorena

Death announced of Hyacinth Coombs - by John_Low 01/02/2011 @ 23:24

Hyacinth Coombs was an SCCC Honorary Life Member. 

Hyacinth was in hospital over Christmas but  was then discharged; early this morning however she suffered a major heart attack. 

Hyacinth was a bastion of both SCCC and of croquet.  An extremely good player, she also numbered among her many talents the energy, social drive, and know-how needed to run our club's bar. She did this for many years.

Here she is pictured awarding the prizes at the August tournament in 2008


Christmas lunch a fantastic treat! - by John_Low 17/12/2010 @ 10:43
Those who were able to attend the Christmas Lunch on the new date were given a fantastic spread by the club's catering team.  A great time had by all and Thank You!

Bonfire night - by Chris_Constable 26/10/2010 @ 16:14
Bonfire Night Party cancelled due to lack of support.

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