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All three class events in this year's August Tournament Singles Competitions were won by up and coming young(ish!) players, all of whom I have no doubt we shall see more of.

The Abbey Challenge Cup (A class) was won by Craig Oakley from Compton; Craig also obtained his Gold Award.  Runner-up was Gerard Healy.

The Scott Cup (B class) was won by Jon Palin from St Albans.   Runner-up was Jeff Rushby.

The Daldy Cup (C class) was won by Luc Berthouze, a local Sussex members playing in his first open tournament. The runner-up was David Cook.

All winners.png
(Left to Right:  Jon Palin, Craig Oakley and Luc Berthouze)

Full results:
Abbey Challenge Cup
Alan Edwards beat Bob Stephens +19
Alan Edwards beat David Mumford +22
Bob Stephens beat Dick Knapp +20
Bob Stephens beat John Taylor +10
Craig Oakley beat Alan Edwards +8
Craig Oakley beat David Mumford +19tp
Craig Oakley beat Dick Knapp +3
Craig Oakley beat Gerard Healy +11
Craig Oakley beat Mary Knapp +5
David Mumford beat Bob Stephens +15
Dick Knapp beat Alan Edwards +11
Dick Knapp beat John Taylor +5
Gerard Healy beat Alan Edwards +16
Gerard Healy beat Dick Knapp +3
Gerard Healy beat John Taylor +21
Gerard Healy beat Mary Knapp +4
John Taylor beat David Mumford +3
John Taylor beat Mary Knapp +10
Mary Knapp beat Bob Stephens +17
Mary Knapp beat David Mumford +4

Scott Cup
Doug Sinclair beat Jeff Rushby +3t
Doug Sinclair beat John Gosney +24
Doug Sinclair beat Richard Jackson +1t
Jeff Rushby beat John Gosney +20
Jeff Rushby beat Jonathan Isaacs +19
Jeff Rushby beat Richard Jackson +21
John Gosney beat Richard Jackson +1t
Jon Palin beat Doug Sinclair +14
Jon Palin beat Jeff Rushby +15
Jon Palin beat John Gosney +24
Jon Palin beat Jonathan Isaacs +3t
Jon Palin beat Richard Jackson +14
Jonathan Isaacs beat Doug Sinclair +1t
Jonathan Isaacs beat John Gosney +3t
Jonathan Isaacs beat Richard Jackson +17

Daldy Cup
Anne Stephens beat Quiller Barrett +17
Anne Stephens beat Steve Lewendon +8t
David Cook beat Anne Stephens +10
David Cook beat Pat Jackson +23
David Cook beat Quiller Barrett +4
David Cook beat Steve Lewendon +13
Luc Berthouze beat Anne Stephens +2t
Luc Berthouze beat David Cook +1t
Luc Berthouze beat Pat Jackson +19t
Luc Berthouze beat Quiller Barrett +13
Luc Berthouze beat Steve Lewendon +8t
Pat Jackson beat Anne Stephens +6t
Pat Jackson beat Steve Lewendon +5
Quiller Barrett beat Pat Jackson +19
Quiller Barrett beat Steve Lewendon +4t

The 2-legged competition was won by John Smallbone and Nigel Wilson who crushed the rest of the field in this points-based event with a 25% approx lead over the rest.

This enjoyable event consists of matches of one handicap 14 poinbt doubles and two 14 point singles.

Runner-up Mavis Buist (with Gerard Healy not present), Club Chairman Jonathan Isaacs and the winners Nigel Wilson and John Smallbone


Final order of teams was:

John Smallbone & Nigel Wilson 66 points
Gerard Healy & Mavis Buist 43
John Gosney & Keith Slatter 39
Gene Mears & Alan Rew 38
Alan Edwards & Myra Gosney 36
David Mumford & Jonathan Isaacs 34
Bill Arliss & Rex Davis 34
John Taylor & John Low 28
Frances Low & Steve Lewendon 28
Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson 25
Doug Sinclair & Sharon 22
Pat & Richard Jackson 15

The supervised event in the High Bisquer Tournament was won by Judith Moore who beat Johannes Hamaan in the final.

(Photo courtesy of Peter Moore)

The Pat Shine Shield was won by Steve Lewendon in a final against Alan Rew.

Report fromManager Frances Low

The High Bisquer tournament at Southwick was held again this August.
Following on our successful pilot last year, we again split the entries into a Main Event for the High Bisque Salver, and a supervised group who had varying degrees of help.
The main event had 10 players, and was run as a Swiss with each playing 5 X 18 point games with a base of 6, so there were bisques to set up and maintain breaks! 2 players ended with 4 wins out of 5 - Alan Rew and Steve Lewendon. As Steve had beaten Alan (by 1 on time), he was declared the
winner. Several players ended on 3 wins, and there were some very close contests. Not enough peg outs but.......

The supervised group had 8 players, all visitors to the Club. They played 5 X 14 point games with a base of 6. The first 3 games were fully supervised with coaches on hand to advise and suggest, and to answer questions and points of law. The 2nd day was more relaxed but help was available if
needed. A closely fought final between Johannes Hamann and Judith Moore, was won by Judith who was awarded a Southwick glass! Judith fully appreciated the help on hand and her play improved over the 2 days. Johannes had a handicap reduction to 20. Hopefully, we will see them in the main event next

Supervising matches is very hard, intensive work, so my grateful thanks to Pat and Richard Jackson who turned out both days, and to Gene Mears, Alan Theobald and Jonathan Isaacs who all helped 1 day. A special thanks To Don Mears for acting as ROT (Tournament Referee), and for his help and advice to everyone on the laws.

Thanks are due, as ever, to the Southwick catering team, and to John Gosney
for setting the hoops.
A special thank you from me to all the coaches and players who made this a very enjoyable and rewarding tournament. I could not have managed without my husband, John, who organized the Swiss for me on day 1 when I was coaching, and who did the teas and bar. I look forward to seeing some of you next year, and hopefully, many new players.
Frances Low - August 2011

The Alternate Strokes Doubles Competition for the Castell Soda Syphons was won this weekend by Alan Rew (for the second year running) and Alan Theobald.


Alan and Alan won all five games. The runners up were Colin and Georgeen with 4 wins.

The weather was mixed and the final game had to be abandonned due to flooding.  There are some more pictures here.

Full results:

Bryan Stone & Marjorie Platt beat Jeff Rushby & Julia Wallace +1
David Gaitley & Alfred Werner beat Myra Gosney & John Gosney +4
David Gaitley & Alfred Werner beat Jeff Rushby & Julia Wallace +11
Doug Sinclair & Steve Lewendon beat Jeff Rushby & Julia Wallace +14
Doug Sinclair & Steve Lewendon beat Bryan Stone & Marjorie Platt +5
Daphne Gaitley & Mavis Buist beat Bryan Stone & Marjorie Platt +1
Daphne Gaitley & Mavis Buist beat David Gaitley & Alfred Werner +1
Mark Hamilton & Sharon Theobald beat Bryan Stone & Marjorie Platt +10
Mark Hamilton & Sharon Theobald beat Doug Sinclair & Steve Lewendon +14
Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson beat Mark Hamilton & Sharon Theobald +9
Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson beat Daphne Gaitley & Mavis Buist +2
Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson beat Jack Davies & Frances Coleman +3
Myra Gosney & John Gosney beat Jeff Rushby & Julia Wallace +5
Myra Gosney & John Gosney beat Bryan Stone & Marjorie Platt +10
Myra Gosney & John Gosney beat Daphne Gaitley & Mavis Buist +7
Jack Davies & Frances Coleman beat Doug Sinclair & Steve Lewendon +13
Jack Davies & Frances Coleman beat David Gaitley & Alfred Werner +7
Jack Davies & Frances Coleman beat Mark Hamilton & Sharon Theobald +1
Paul Castell & Marie Young beat Doug Sinclair & Steve Lewendon +14
Paul Castell & Marie Young beat Mark Hamilton & Sharon Theobald +2
Paul Castell & Marie Young beat Myra Gosney & John Gosney +11
Colin Hemming & Georgeen Hemming beat Paul Castell & Marie Young +8
Colin Hemming & Georgeen Hemming beat Jack Davies & Frances Coleman +6
Colin Hemming & Georgeen Hemming beat Daphne Gaitley & Mavis Buist +5
Colin Hemming & Georgeen Hemming beat Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson +9
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald beat Jeff Rushby & Julia Wallace +4
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald beat David Gaitley & Alfred Werner +7
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald beat Colin Hemming & Georgeen Hemming +10
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald beat Janet Overell & Margaret Hampson +1
Alan Rew & Alan Theobald beat Paul Castell & Marie Young +4

Ladies Day winners - 10/07/2011 @ 10:19

Ladies Day was won by Purley Bury Queen Bees.



Pictures by David Gaitley

Charity One-Ball - 09/05/2011 @ 20:23
Kevin Carter writes:

Dear All -

You have all been associated with running heats for this year's Charity
One-Ball Championship. The final took place on saturday and I thought you
might like early sight of the result. Below is the report I have prepared
for the CA website and Gazette.

What I would highlight is that 360 players participated in 27 heats and we
raised £2678 for the Breast Cancer Campaign. This is a great achievement and
I thank you all very much for you own efforts in making this happen.

Equally important, I hope all your members had fun and will play again next

- Kevin; 9.5.11

Lawrence Whittaker beat Daphne Gaitley to take the Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl for the Southern B Level Championship at Southwick this weekend.

The Swiss consolation event was won by Jonathan Isaacs.

Full details below.


The Maurice Reckitt Rose Bowl

Consolation Event
1 Janet Overell beat Simon Tuke +19
2 Mark Hamilton beat John Low +14
3 Gene Mears beat Avril Rangoni Machiavelli +24
4 John Taylor beat Lawrence Whittaker +13
5 Daphne Gaitley beat Doug Sinclair +6
6 Collin Southern beat Michael Kay +5T
7 John Gosney beat Stephen Harbron +19
8 Andy Myers beat David Gaitley +7T
9 Stephen Harbron beat Simon Tuke +1
10 Collin Southern beat Gene Mears +19
11 Doug Sinclair beat David Gaitley +12
12 Andy Myers beat Michael Kay +9
13 Jonathan Isaacs beat Collin Southern +5
14 Andy Myers beat Mark Hamilton +18
15 Gene Mears beat Simon Tuke +19
16 David Cook beat Doug Sinclair +1T
17 Avril Rangoni Machiavelli beat Janet Overell +2T
18 John Gosney beat John Bateson +20
19 Stephen Harbron beat David Gaitley +14
20 Jonathan Isaacs beat John Gosney +21
21 Gene Mears beat Andy Myers +6
22 Collin Southern beat Stephen Harbron +16
23 Janet Overell beat David Cook +3
24 Doug Sinclair beat John Bateson +21
25 David Gaitley beat Simon Tuke +10T

Jamie Burch made it 3 in a row today when he beat Rutger Beijderwellen in the final of the Southwick Salver.
In a best of 3 final, Rutger took control completing a tpo and pegging Jamie out.  However Jamie hit in and finished the game +7otp
The second game was +26tp to Jamie.



1    Rodney Parkins     beat     Collin Southern    +5t
2    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     David Parkins    +25tp
3    Phillip Eardley     beat     John Low    +15
4    Dick Knapp     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +14
5    Gabrielle Higgins     beat     Mark Fawcett    +26
6    Kevin Carter     beat     Paul Castell    +14
7    Jonathan Hills     beat     Dominic Nunns    +18
8    Robert Alexander     beat     Martin French    +12
9    Tudor Jenkins     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +19
10    Andrew Gregory     beat     Avril Rangoni Machiavelli    +2
11    Jeff Rushby     beat     Doug Sinclair    +3
12    Mary Knapp     beat     Alan Cottle    +10
13    Jamie Burch     beat     Nigel Polhill    +26tp
14    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Phillip Eardley    +21tp
15    Gabrielle Higgins     beat     Dick Knapp    +16tp
16    Jamie Burch     beat     Mary Knapp    +8
17    Tudor Jenkins     beat     Robert Alexander    +7
18    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Rodney Parkins    +20tp, +26tp
19    Jonathan Hills     beat     Kevin Carter    +13tpo
20    Jamie Burch     beat     Jeff Rushby    +25, +20
21    Jonathan Hills     beat     Gabrielle Higgins    +26, +14
22    Rutger Beijderwellen     beat     Jonathan Hills    +13tp, +17stp
23    Andrew Gregory     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +13, -3t, +5* (14pt)
24    Jamie Burch     beat     Andrew Gregory    +26tp +20tp
25    Jamie Burch     beat     Rutger Beijderwellen    +7otp, +26tp

The consolation event (Hands Egyptian) was won by Jeff Rushby.
1    Mark Fawcett     beat     Paul Castell    +6
2    Nigel Polhill     beat     David Parkins    +10
3    Jolyon Creasey     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +22
4    Martin French     beat     Collin Southern    +17
5    Mark Fawcett     beat     Doug Sinclair    +25
6    Paul Castell     beat     Phillip Eardley    +12
7    Kevin Carter     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +25
8    Dominic Nunns     beat     Alan Cottle    +25
9    Dick Knapp     beat     Andrew Gregory    +17
10    Dominic Nunns     beat     Mary Knapp    +17
11    Alan Cottle     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +9
12    Mark Fawcett     beat     Daphne Gaitley    +7
13    Kevin Carter     beat     Nigel Polhill    +9
14    Collin Southern   beat     Avril R Machiavelli      +19
15    Martin French     beat     Doug Sinclair    +26tp
16    Paul Castell     beat     David Parkins    +10tp
17    Robert Alexander     beat     Dick Knapp    +2
18    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Rodney Parkins    +12
19    Phillip Eardley     beat     Mark Fawcett    +3
20    Dominic Nunns     beat     Martin French    +18
21    Paul Castell     beat     Kevin Carter    +26tp
22    Jeff Rushby     beat     Doug Sinclair    +20
23    Paul Castell     beat     Martin French    +6
24    Nigel Polhill     beat     Dominic Nunns    +12
25    Jamie Burch     beat     Mark Fawcett    +14
26    Dick Knapp     beat     Philip Eardley    +23
27    Robert Alexander     beat     Kevin Carter    +24
28    Alan Cottle     beat     David Parkins    +6
29    Mary Knapp     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +4
30    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Collin Southern    +13
31    Doug Sinclair     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +4t
32    Jeff Rushby     beat     Rodney Parkins    +2
33    Kevin Carter     beat     Dick Knapp    +16
34    Robert Alexander     beat     Mark Fawcett    +23
35    Mary Knapp     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +23
36    Philip Eardley     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +2
37    Jonathan Hills     beat     Nigel Polhill    +19
38    David Parkins     beat     Collin Southern    ,+15
39    Daphne Gaitley     beat     Doug Sinclair    +24
40    Kevin Carter     beat     Jeff Rushby    +17
41    Alan Cottle     beat     Avril R Machiavelli    +25
42    Paul Castell     beat     Rodney Parkins    +4
43    Martin French     beat     Dick Knapp    26
44    Jonathan Hills     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +26tp
45    Nigel Polhill     beat     Mary Knapp    +8
46    Martin French     beat     Jonathan Hills    +15
47    Dick Knapp     beat     Tudor Jenkins    +24tp
48    Alan Cottle     beat     Philip Eardley    +19
49    Kevin Carter     beat     Jolyon Creasey    +5

The Handicap Single Golf Croquet competition on 20th March 2011, last event in the SCCC winter tournament season, was won by Richard Brooks. A report is here.

Sussex won this year's Interclub Golf Croquet Day today, 6th March.

Details are here


The winning team were Richard Brooks, Maggie and Keith Webb and Paul Castell.

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