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GC Level Play Competition 1st March 2015 - by John 01/03/2015 @ 20:01

We were favoured with a sunny day for this, the first tournament of the year.  18 played took part in a 6 round Swiss competition. The winner was Luc Berthouze who won all his games, from runner-up Richard Brooks who was beaten only by Luc.


It was good to have playes from other clubs in the South, but also to have a (now regular!) visit from Sweden by Goran Norberg who came over for the competition.  Good to see you again, Goran.

Results in full:

Order of Play
Roger Sutton 7 1 Linda Gavigan
Richard Brooks 7 3 Lynne Lyle
Luc Berthouze 7 2 Frances Low
Liz Farrow 2 7 Jane Humphreys
Tony Jolly 7 2 Daphne Gaitley
Chris Heath 7 5 Janet Hoptroff
Robin Wootton 7 4 Clive Grimley
Tony Trump 7 0 Neil Humpheys
Keith Webb 7 5 Goran Norberg
Roger Sutton 6 7 Richard Brooks
Luc Berthouze 7 2 Jane Humphreys
Frances Low 5 7 Lynne Lyle
Robin Wootton 7 4 Tony Trump
Liz Farrow 7 5 Daphne Gaitley
Tony Jolly 2 7 Chris Heath
Janet Hoptroff 7 1 Clive Grimley
Keith Webb 7 2 Linda Gavigan
Goran Norberg 7 3 Neil Humpheys
Richard Brooks 4 7 Luc Berthouze
Chris Heath 6 7 Robin Wootton
Keith Webb 7 6 Roger Sutton
Liz Farrow 7 3 Janet Hoptroff
Clive Grimley 7 5 Neil Humpheys
Jane Humphreys 7 6 Tony Jolly
Tony Trump 7 4 Lynne Lyle
Daphne Gaitley 7 5 Frances Low
Goran Norberg 7 3 Linda Gavigan
Luc Berthouze 7 3 Robin Wootton
Keith Webb 1 7 Richard Brooks
Neil Humphreys 7 6 Frances Low
Chris Heath 7 5 Jane Humphreys
Tony Trump 4 7 Liz Farrow
Goran Norberg 7 4 Roger Sutton
Tony Jolly 7 3 Lynne Lyle
Janet Hoptroff 5 7 Daphne Gaitley
Clive Grimley 7 1 Linda Gavigan
Luc Berthouze 7 1 Keith Webb
Robin Wootton 5 7 Richard Brooks
Chris Heath 2 7 Liz Farrow
Linda Gavigan 6 7 Frances Low
Neil Humphreys 5 7 Janet Hoptroff
Roger Sutton 5 7 Lynne Lyle
Goran Norberg 6 7 Jane Humphreys
Tony Trump 7 5 Tony Jolly
Daphne Gaitley 7 5 Clive Grimley
Luc Berthouze 7 6 Liz Farrow
Richard Brooks 7 4 Goran Norberg
Keith Webb 5 7 Robin Wootton
Chris Heath 7 4 Tony Trump
Jane Humphreys 2 7 Daphne Gaitley
Tony Jolly 3 7 Clive Grimley
Lynne Lyle 3 7 Janet Hoptroff
Roger Sutton 7 5 Frances Low
Neil Humphreys 7 3 Linda Gavigan

Winter tournaments: entries needed - by Luc 25/02/2015 @ 18:13

Many of our winter tournaments are under-subscribed. Please enter and kickstart your 2015 croquet season! 

AC Alternate Stroke Doubles 8 March 2015          12 entries to date, we could do with more! 
GC 10/10 Competition 15 March 2015                   We need 4 more players
AC 14pt 1 Day Challenge 22 March 2015              Only 4 entries so far!
AC 1-ball charity heat / Opening 29 March 2015    Only 1 entry so far! 

New Gates for Club - by John 10/02/2015 @ 21:07

New steel framed gates have been fitted at the club today. Designed and made by David Gaitley, they should be stronger, more secure and less prone to swelling / shrinking than the old wooden gates.

Locking / unlocking the new gates uses the same lock / key as the old gates but there utilises a different locking / unlocking design.


Our thanks to David (supported and assisted by Daphne) for this fantastic piece of engineering.

The picture shows the shiny new gates, their maker and some of the installation team from the winter working party! 

QUIZ EVENING - by John 15/12/2014 @ 14:42


Thursday  March 5th  at 7pm

 Finger buffet   £7 per person

Teams of three to five people

( but if you haven’t a team,  come along anyway,  join a team and have some fun)


Please enter names on list at the club or contact Chris Constable  

Updates to website 2 - by John 23/11/2014 @ 11:13

One feature you may find useful is at the bottom of the homepage - What's new on the Site

Any new or changed document from the last 30 days will be linked to here so you can immediately find new items.

If anything doesn't work, please email the webmaster.

Updates to website - by JohnLow 17/11/2014 @ 11:25

Today I have switched to an updated version of the content management system used for the website.  It doesn't look much different but there are improved features for members-only areas and such like which may be implemented in the future.

In the meantime, if something doesn't work as expected, or you find a broken link, please email me!

GC 10/10 Tournament 9th November 2014 - by John 16/11/2014 @ 16:19

Played on a very pleasant day with almost complete sunshine and no wind.

8 teams of two players played an American block.  The event was won by Jane and Neil from the Chichester and Fishbourne Croquet Club who were triumphant in all their games.


The runners-up were Janet Hoptroff and Robin Wootton who lost only to the winners.

Full results:

Jane H & Neil Jill & David Margaret & Keith Clive & Alan Anne & Graham Jane G & Colin Linda & Lynne Janet & Robin Wins Ties Block Position
Jane  &
Neil Humphreys
5-1 6-5 7-4 6-5 7-2 6-2 6-5 7 1
Jill Mays & David King 1-5 6-5 2-6 5-7 3-4 6-5 4-7 2 6
Margaret Pointing & Keith Webb 5-6 5-6 7-2 7-5 5-5 7-1 5-6 3 1 4
Clive Grimley &
Alan Theobald
4-7 6-2 2-7 6-3 7-3 6-4 6-7 4 3
Tony Trump & Graham Tucker 5-6 7-5 5-7 3-6 3-4 3-5 1-7 1 8
Jane Gribbon & Colin Lyle 2-7 4-3 5-5 3-7 4-3 7-4 6-7 2 1 5
Linda Gavigan & Lynne Lyle 2-6 5-6 1-7 4-6 5-3 4-7 3-6 1 7
Janet Hoptroff & Robin Wootton 5-6 7-4 6-5 7-6 7-1 7-6 6-3 6 2



Death of John Solomon - by John_Low 28/10/2014 @ 16:29

John Solomon, former world croquet champion, Nomads actor, composer, musician, author, and Master of The Worshipful Company of Tobacco Pipe Makers and Tobacco Blenders died 20 October, aged 82.

A regular at Southwick whilst his health allowed, he was often invited to present our and other trophies.

His Obituary in the Daily Telegraph is here.


With the winning Czech Rep. team World Team Championships 2009



At the Challenge and Gilbey Tournament, Sept 2009



At the August Tournament in 2012

End of season lawn work - by Clive_Hayton 21/10/2014 @ 19:24

Dear all

Our grounds contractors will be performing some intensive end of season work on our lawns starting this week (weather permitting). This will mean that at some times over the next week or so, there may be no lawns available for play for a few days.

We will try to keep members informed via the web-site and email when the work is being done and when lawns might not be available. If anyone has any questions or wants an update before travelling to the club, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email or my mobile number.

This end of season work by our contractors is critical to the process of continuing to improve our lawns for the coming years so I hope members will be understanding about any inconvenience.



The contractors will be scarifying all 8 working lawns today so there will be no lawns available for the club session this afternoon. The scarifying will be followed by verti-draining (deep tining) as weather allows. I will try to keep members updated on lawn availability through this week and next week.


28th October
Our contractors' end of season work on the lawns continues so there will not be any lawns available to members today and tomorrow.
I will continue to send out regular updates by email. 

29th October
There should be 3 lawns available tomorrow (Thursday) but probably none on Friday as vertdraining now likely to be on Friday. I will email if things change.

GC level singles one day tournament played at SCCC on 12.10.14 - by Jonathan_Isaacs 21/10/2014 @ 08:02

The tournament was played on an Egyptian Format & split into 2 divisions. In the case of a draw by final index level, the net combined score for each individual was taken into account.

Robin Wootton narrowly beat Luc Berthouze in Division 1 having a similar index but with a net score 1 better than Luc.
In the 2nd Division Michelle Damon was a clear winner.

The format was well received by the players and allowed us to complete sufficient games before the heavens opened.

Jonathan Isaacs
Tournament Manager

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